LTE GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution – PocketFinder LTE (2024)

LTE GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution – PocketFinder LTE (1)
Know where your vehicles are at all times by using PocketFinder GPS LTE Vehicle Tracker. View and manage tracker(s) from your computer or iOS and Android app.

An installed PocketFinder GPS LTE Vehicle Tracker provides confidence you can find and monitor your vehicle at anytime from anywhere using your smartphone. If your vehicle should ever get stolen – simply call the authorities to let them know your vehicle’s location and let them recover it for you.

Did you know that our devices are equipped with top-notch encryption technology that can keep your data safe from hackers and malware? With our devices, you can enjoy a higher level of protection and peace of mind.

Mobile Apps & Web Portal App
PocketFinder is great for businesses, car enthusiasts, families with elderly drivers or newly licensed teenagers learning to drive the family car. If you want to monitor where they are, where they have been, how fast they are driving or just want to know when they reach their destination safely, PocketFinder can help you see and track them using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The PocketFinder app enables you to set up an unlimited number of geo-fence zones so you can be notified when they are leaving or arriving at their specified destinations. The PocketFinder app provides nearest address, speed, heading, altitude, and it will conveniently provide you with up to 60-days of travel history which can be downloaded into excel or PDF.


  • Free App with unlimited multiple users
  • Position-location refreshes every 60-seconds when your vehicle is moving
  • Create an unlimited number of zones to ensure your vehicle is where you expect it to be
  • Initiate an Instant Zone from the mobile app anywhere your car is located
  • App speed, zone, and power cut alerts are sent via mobile app push notification, SMS text, or email
  • Alerts sent in near real time for entering/exiting a zone and exceeding set speed
  • View multiple PocketFinder trackers on a single map

All highlights and features above are included for consumer and business customers. Business customers log in from for reporting, zone bank and other tools to make managing your business fleet easier.

LTE GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution – PocketFinder LTE (2)


Fleet Location Made Easy
“I got this product the other day and it was SO easy to install and now I can see my exterminator trucks driving around.”

– John Michaelson

Coordination, Logistics and Location

“Having the devices in the vehicles has made a tremendous difference in my business. I am now able to look at the tech’s location and see if they are on schedule. This is very important when you run a service business, because there are always calls that come in that need to be taken care of immediately. Now I am able to see where my drivers are located and who can be dispatched.

I also enjoy the reports, this helps give me an overview of all the vehicles activity. Whether I look at these reports every week or every month, I am now able to see where we can become more efficient. Now that I can see to the minute, how long a tech was at a site. This feature alone has helped us streamline our internal process.”

- Jason Brown, President Greenshield Pest Control

Reduces Downtime

“I have loved the added sense of security that comes from knowing where my drivers are located at all times. If I am not able to reach one of my drivers, I am now able to pull up the account and look at where he is located. Knowing that my drivers are safe and en route gives me the information and peace of mind that I need as a manager.

Where we have seen the most success is within our dispatch. We have clients call and ask how long it will be until one of our cabs can come pick them up, we are now able to pull up accurate information to best communicate accurately when we can deliver our taxi service. This solution keeps our company running at full capacity, with limited downtime!

The ability to pull daily reports that can be separated for each vehicle is a function that our company uses all the time. With the capability to give limited access to drivers on the account, I am better able to manage my fleet and keep my employees honest. Just these two functions alone sold me on this solution.

The GPS app is the best compliment to this already amazing product! It is very easy to download and pull up on my iPhone or iPad. Even when I am out of town or do not have access to a computer I am able to stay current with what is happening back at the office. LBT helps me stay connected to my business and all my employees, keeping us ahead of the competition.”

- Luc Pierre, Manager Newton Taxi

Caterer’s Testimonial

“Our company started with another company’s GPS device. The units kept dying, and it took minutes to actually locate. I then started to look for a better solution, and I found exactly what I was looking for! The user interface is 1000x better than anything we have been using before, it’s incredible! When I click the locate button it is almost instantaneous. And I can’t believe how accurate it is. All the information is there. I loved the zones feature and how I was able to create zones inside of zones. This PocketFinder GPS location product is light-years beyond what I had before!”

- Paul Rinis, Air Gourmet

Found My Stolen Truck!

“One of our trucks with equipment was stolen and we were able to not only locate the mission truck immediately, with the ability to track history, this allowed us to follow the route of the vehicle and time spent at each location from our lot and the police were able to recover our truck, trailer and equipment.”

- Jennie McKee

Real Time Monitoring

“Our culture is all about App’s these days, and I love that I can log into it anywhere and see what is happening with my business. I have peace of mind every time I look down and see where all our vehicles are located.”

- Rimon Kamel

Accurate ETA’s and PTO Tracking

“Having this solution has allowed me to communicate more accurate ETA’s to our customers by knowing exactly where each of my drivers are located in the field and by tracking when my drivers lift and lower vehicles I can hold them accountable.”

Robert Gutierrez, B&D Towing

Responding Quickly Through Hurricane Sandy

“It was very helpful to see in real time where our vehicles were located during Hurricane Sandy, & especially afterward as we helped get customers back to full power. I now mostly use it to see exactly when my employees show up and leave the job sites. This has greatly streamlined our billing process and has saved me time and money.

LBT’s PocketFinder has all the features I need and is very economical. Having the ability to set up zones around certain areas helps me keep track of where my employees and vehicles are located. I currently have zones around our base, supply houses, and job sites to see when the vehicles leave and return. These notifications are little reminders that everything is going smoothly.”

- Dennis Madonia, DME Electrical

Significant Fuel Cost Savings

“After only the first month with LBT our fuel bill dropped over 300 dollars per individual driver! With this savings, the devices paid for themselves!”

- Stanley Cooper, Metro Mortuary Transport

Perfect GPS Solution

“Originally I was looking for a GPS tracking solution for my pool company through Apple’s App store. When I found the PocketFinder app I hoped that I had found exactly what I was looking for. I was first impressed by the fact that Apple was selling the product. This gave me great assurance that the product would fit our company’s needs. We put a few devices to the test and quickly confirmed that this solution helped us streamline our processes and gain quick access to our employees while they are at a customer’s location. We ordered more for the rest of our fleet.

The PocketFinder GPS tracker is extremely user friendly. The whole solution is easy to use, easy to set up and easy to install. The maps are clear and provide detailed location information for our drivers, supervisors and employees.”

- Jerry Klapprodt, Klapprodt Pools

Keeping a Housekeeper Honest

“About a month ago, my mom had a suspicion that our housekeeper, was taking our family station wagon and disappearing for hours on end during the day. So, she bought a PocketFinder Vehicle GPS locator which I installed in our family wagon. My mother tracked our housekeeper for a month and confronted her two weeks ago. Of course, she lied about sneaking off, and when my mom said, “I know where you’ve been going”, she replied, “You can’t prove anything – it’s my word against yours!”. To which my mother responded, “wanna bet?” My mother then marched her over to a computer, pulled up the PocketFinder website, and voila. Caught red handed. My mom said that she turned white when the screen came up with the all the digital bread crumbs. Needless to say, my mother fired her on the spot. I just wanted to thank you all again for bringing such an incredible, life changing, game changing product into our lives. It’s truly remarkable.”

– Greg

Tell Us Your Story
We would love to hear from you about your experience with your PocketFinder GPS locator. Please send your story to

LTE GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution – PocketFinder LTE (3)
$99 + $14.95/month per device

Includes: PocketFinder GPS LTE Vehicle Tracker, Installation Kit, Installation Guide

Requirements: Monthly Service Plan – please click on “How It Works” to view country list.

Mobile Apps: FREE – Available via App Store for select Android and Apple iOS Devices


PocketFinder LTE GPS Vehicle Tracker Specifications

  • Width: 3.3-inches / 7.95 cmLTE GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution – PocketFinder LTE (4)
  • Height: 0.88-inches / 2.25 cm
  • Length: 2.5-inches / 6.35 cm
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces / 113.4 grams
  • Operating Temp: -22°F/-30°C up to +167°F/+75°C
  • Humidity: 955 relative humidity @ 50°C non-condensing
  • Shock/Vibration: US Military Standards 202G / 810E, SAE J1455
  • Power/Operating Voltage: 6-32VDC
  • Connection: open-wire
  • Battery Charging: 700mAh Back-Up Battery
  • Power Consumption: active standby <70mA @ 12V
  • Power Save Mode: ultra-low power save mode (<1mA
  • GSM cellular (Penta-band)
  • Made in USA
LTE GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution – PocketFinder LTE (2024)
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