Sweet and Sour Widow | Cannabis Strain Review (2024)

Typically, sativa strains are renowned for uplifting and energizing effects. However, Sweet and Sour Widow flips the script on this norm. Thanks to a high CBD content, the indica-leaning Sweet and Sour Widow strain offers relaxing effects alongside creativity and motivation.

Let’s find out more about this delicious strain and whether it could be the perfect one for you to try. If you’re looking for tasty, sour flavors and unique effects, then this strain should be on your list.

What Is the Sweet & Sour Widow Strain?

Sweet and Sour Widow weed is an indica-dominant hybrid. It is a cross between several strains, including Mexican Haze, White Widow, and some landrace strains. Its exact genetics are uncertain, with different sources citing alternate strains as the parents. From its name, it’s almost certain that White Widow is involved.

Sweet and Sour Widow avoids mind race and leaves users feeling content and relaxed. This is likely due to its high CBD content, which is much higher than the average strain.

The initial effects seep in with an uplifting and euphoric high to begin. Often, users state that this mood boost is accompanied by an urge for creativity and a sense of focus. Sweet and Sour Widow is thus perfect for afternoons when you have a handful of things to tick off your to-do list.

Be warned, however, that this strain is likely to cause eventual couchlock. While the start of the high is motivating, the tail-end is tiring. You will still feel content, but also sleepy, sinking into the nearest soft surface to settle down to sleep.

Not only does this strain provide a myriad of delightful effects, but it also has some lovely flavors, too.


If you have smelled White Widow before, then you will be able to identify some similarities in the Sweet and Sour Widow strain. This offering has a little more fruitiness, however, and a touch more spice.

On first smelling it, you will pick up the herbaceous, earthy qualities that most cannabis strains provide. However, when you begin to break the buds apart, you will be rewarded by the deeper odors such as citrus, grapefruit, and sage.


The name of this strain is a dead giveaway. Admittedly, the sour tones shine through more than the sweet, but there is a nice sugary undertone if you pay enough attention. The taste of this strain will have your mouth watering and you’ll want to go back for more. After all, there are many notes to unpack every time you inhale.

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The predominant flavors are, once again, earthy and herby. However, there is also a decent amount of grapefruit. The citrusy grapefruit tones are the source of the sweetness, which is why this strain tastes so sour.

The sourness of this strain might not be for everyone, but those who enjoy the tangy, mouthwatering flavors of sour candies are likely to be a fan of this delectable strain.


Interestingly, the nugs of Sweet and Sour Widow are olive green in color. It’s a muted color with a slightly grey tinge, owing some of this silverness to the trichomes. Sweet and Sour Widow is covered in white trichomes that draw the eye away from the green buds. It likely got the genes for this smattering of trichomes from its ancestor, White Widow.

There are also some amber pistils dotted throughout the plant. All in all, it’s a relatively ordinary strain to look at, with some plants managing to be fairly attractive.

Sweet & Sour Widow Grow Info

There is very little information available about the Sweet and Sour Widow strain in terms of growing. It’s a pretty rare strain to come across, which is why info is so scarce.

Those who have managed to get their hands on Sweet and Sour Widow seeds have admitted that it’s a tricky one to grow. This plant can reach the lofty heights of 6 feet, despite the indica-dominant genetics. As a result, it’s not the most suited to indoor growing. It requires some strategy and planning to keep it tamed. Growers should practice regular topping and trimming.

Sweet and Sour Widow | Cannabis Strain Review (1)

Despite its size, Sweet and Sour Widow is likely to offer only a moderate yield. It takes seven weeks to mature, which is shorter than some strains. Still, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it for the mediocre yield.

THC Content – Highest Test

The reason why Sweet and Sour Widow’s effects are so great is down to the cannabinoid content. The average sample of Sweet and Sour Widow contains just 8% THC, which is super low compared to most offerings on the market.

Despite this low THC content, there are some medical effects that one would typically associate with THC. For example, a numbing sensation. It makes Sweet and Sour Widow ideal for newbies looking to dip their toe into the cannabis pool.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Interestingly, Sweet and Sour Widow has a balanced cannabinoid content. The average sample contains 8% CBD, completely matching the CBD content. As a result, it can offer a calm and stable high that’s also quite predictable.

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Medical Benefits of the Sweet & Sour Widow Strain

Thanks to Sweet and Sour Widow’s fantastically balanced cannabinoid content, it can help with a variety of ailments. Of course, cannabis affects everyone differently, but Sweet and Sour Widow offers a stable high that should be okay even for marijuana newbies.

The primary reason that MMJ users seek this strain is for its pain-relieving properties. The meager THC content is enough to produce a numbing sensation that melts away pain. Chronic pains such as back pain are likely no match for Sweet and Sour Widow.

Pain relief is pretty much the only physical property of this strain, as the other medical benefits are mostly focused on the mind. This is quite unique for an indica-dominant strain, but it’s also nice to find a relaxing strain that can still make you feel better.

A majority of users report feeling uplifted to the point of euphoria. The low cannabinoid content is likely to keep you feeling grounded, though, so don’t worry about a hazy buzz or any trippy effects. As a result of these mood-boosting effects, Sweet and Sour can be a good strain for those who experience anxiety, stress, or depression.

Finally, Sweet and Sour Widow is good for helping you sleep. Those with insomnia or other sleep disorders may finally experience relief as this indica-dominant strain helps you drift off to sleep. This may be, in part, to do with pain relief or stress relief, but it’s a positive either way.

Possible Side Effects of the Sweet & Sour Widow Strain

The low THC content of this strain means that side effects are few and far between. You’re unlikely to experience many side effects as a result of using Sweet & Sour Widow.

Those that do occur are things like dry mouth and dry eyes, which are pretty unavoidable with any cannabis strain. As a result, most users enjoy this strain without having to worry about pesky side effects.

In some instances, and for unknown reasons, Sweet and Sour Widow can cause dizziness and headaches. These negatives are more likely in people who have never used cannabis before. It’s also more likely if you smoke too much. Go low and slow, and you should be fine.

Final Thoughts on the Sweet & Sour Widow Strain

Sweet and Sour Widow is a pretty excellent indica-leaning hybrid. Thanks to its low THC content and equal amount of CBD, it can provide balanced and relaxing effects that will have you coming back time and time again.

It’s excellent to find a strain that soothes the mind and melts away pain without triggering any mind race.

Alongside its awesome effects, Sweet and Sour Widow also offers up some pretty delicious flavors. If you love classic strains like White Widow, then you’re sure to adore this strain. Next time you’re at the dispensary, make sure you pick some up if there’s any on offer – you’re not likely to regret it.

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Sweet and Sour Widow | Cannabis Strain Review (2024)
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