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Breckie Hill, born on April 18, 2003, at just 19 years old, has already made quite a name for herself in the world of social media. Hailing from Edina, Minnesota, this American sensation has donned various hats – TikTok star, influencer, model, content creator, and even an entrepreneur.

What’s earned her fame is her exceptional modeling work, which she showcases across different social media platforms. She’s particularly renowned for her lip-sync videos on TikTok, racking up millions of views and likes.

But Breckie isn’t just a social media personality. She’s a professional model who’s graced campaigns for some of the top fashion brands out there. In addition to her modeling work, she’s also an influencer, using her platform to endorse numerous fashion brands and accumulate a substantial following on Instagram.

Beyond the visual content, she’s also ventured into the world of podcasts, making appearances and sharing her experiences with her fans. Hill consistently dazzles her audience with stunning photos and engaging content on social media, making her a multi-talented sensation worth keeping an eye on.

Who Is TikTok Star, Breckie Hill?

Breckie is quite the social media sensation, and her online presence speaks volumes. Her Instagram, under her self-titled handle, is a hub for her creative endeavors. You’ll find an array of content, from lip-sync videos to glimpses of her intriguing personality. And if that weren’t enough, she regularly treats her followers to fresh outfit photos and an assortment of captivating, sizzling, and utterly adorable images. It’s no wonder she’s amassed more than 598,000 dedicated followers on her Instagram account.

But Breckie isn’t just an online star; she’s got a history of being a cheerleader in both her elementary and high school days, proudly wearing the colors of the Edina squad. She doesn’t limit her talents to Instagram alone; her TikTok account is another platform where she shares some fantastic reels. She’s even been a brand ambassador for Boutine Los Angeles, a well-known bikini swimwear brand, and has been part of several influential projects on Instagram. Media reports have certainly taken notice of her, cementing her status as a prominent content creator.

Quick Facts

NameBreckie Hill
Date of BirthApril 18, 2003
Place of BirthEdina, Minnesota, United States
Zodiac SignAries
Height5 feet 3 inches or 1.6 meters
Weight50 kg or 110 lbs
Body Measurements34-24-34 inches
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
ProfessionModel, content creator, Instagram star, and social media personality

Breckie Hill Education

Breckie Hill’s got quite the educational background. A peek at her Facebook profile reveals that she’s an alum of Edina High School. Following that, she continued her academic journey at Gustavus Adolphus College. However, her path eventually led her to the world of professional online endeavors. These days, she’s renowned as a successful model and content creator.

Breckie Hill Family

Breckie Hill, a local of Minnesota’s picturesque town of Edina, was born there on April 18, 2003. She is a rich American lady of white ethnicity. Although her mother is a corporate lawyer and her father is a businessman, she hasn’t revealed the names of her family or any information about her siblings. When it comes to religious matters, Breckie follows Christianity.

Breckie Hill Career

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Breckie’s career on social media began a few years ago when she made her own TikTok account with a self-appropriate name. She started posting short, snappy films on fashion, cosmetics, and, of course, the craft of lip-syncing. Her material immediately became popular as her videos went viral and racked up millions of views and likes. She was quick to jump on the latest trends and challenges, engaging with the vibrant TikTok community. Fast forward to August 2023, and she’s garnered a whopping 2.8 million followers and a staggering 94.9 million likes on TikTok.

But Breckie’s social media prowess extends beyond TikTok. She’s also made her mark on Instagram, where she treats her followers to a rich tapestry of content. You’ll find an array of modeling shots, captivating selfies, snapshots of her daily life, and sponsored posts from a slew of fashion brands. She’s been a notable ambassador for renowned names like Boutine Los Angeles, Princess Polly, Fashion Nova, Revolve, and Pretty Little Thing. Not content with just posts, Breckie has ventured into podcasts and live events, participating in notable gatherings like Playlist Live and One Night with Steiny. As of August 2023, her Instagram fanbase has crossed the 600,000 mark.

Collaboration is in her DNA. Breckie has teamed up with a constellation of famous influencers and celebrities in the social media universe. Names like Austin Mahone, Rachel Brockman, Olivia Dunne, Cameron Green, Tim David, and many others have graced her videos and been featured in her TikTok. It’s clear that she thrives in the company of other notable figures and knows how to create engaging and shareable content.

Breckie Hill Lifestyle

Thanks to her successful career, Breckie enjoys a lavish lifestyle. She is the delighted owner of a lovely home in Edina, Minnesota, which she uses as her own haven. She has several impressive vehicles to her credit, like a stylish BMW X5 and the famed Mercedes-Benz G-Class, for traveling about. Clearly, she has a penchant for luxury and style.

However, Breckie is not only about luxury automobiles and home comforts. She has a wanderlust at heart and is always keen to discover new locations and relish novel experiences. She makes the most of the adventure that is her life.

Breckie Hill Relationship

Who Is Breckie Hill? Every Information You Want To Read About Breckie Hill | Fashionable Pro (2)

Breckie is a household name in the world of social media, renowned as a prominent influencer and a TikTok sensation. Her career has seen her collaborate with numerous fellow social media influencers, adding to her impressive repertoire. Her incredible content has garnered her a massive and devoted fan base across her social media platforms.

Breckie maintains a discreet personal relationship status despite her frequent internet activity.Many people have been curious about her love life because of the secrecy surrounding it, despite the fact that neither a relationship with a man nor an engagement have been officially acknowledged by a government body.

But it’s obvious that she likes to socialize with her friends and coworkers. Her social media accounts are filled with cherished moments captured alongside her close-knit circle. Breckie’s impact also includes partnerships with some of the leading companies in the sector. You may rely on us to keep you informed if there are any changes to her romantic life.

Breckie Hill Height, Weight And More

Breckie Hill boasts a striking physical presence. She is roughly 50 kilograms in weight and stands at a height of 5 feet and 3 inches. Breckie has mesmerizing dark brown eyes that are the perfect compliment to her blonde hair, giving her a unique and sophisticated attractiveness. Her personality is equally impressive, characterized by her stunning looks, intelligence, and a friendly demeanor. She has a lovely face that shines with a pleasant smile and a taste for chic attire.

Breckie Hill has established a solid online reputation for herself in terms of her work. This multifaceted American talent is a TikTok sensation, Instagram model, social media influencer, content creator, entrepreneur, and a public figure of note. Her claim to fame? Those captivating lip-sync videos and her stellar modeling content.

On TikTok, she shares her modeling shots and mesmerizing lip-sync performances to the hottest tunes, capturing the hearts of millions of viewers. One of her lip-sync videos went viral in May 2022, garnering an astounding 2 million views and launching her into the spotlight. Breckie’s career is flourishing and she has a bright future in the social media and entertainment industries.

Controversy Between Breckie Hill and Olivia Dunne

Who Is Breckie Hill? Every Information You Want To Read About Breckie Hill | Fashionable Pro (3)

Breckie, a notable figure on TikTok, recently found herself in the midst of a social media storm due to some derogatory comments she made about another well-known personality, gymnast Olivia Dunne. In a YouTube video, she used some rather harsh language, referring to Dunne as a “b**tch.” After this occurrence, Breckie had an astonishing increase in her following; in only three days, she added more than 800,000 new followers. Within hours after its publication, the video itself became widely popular.

The contentious video was then uploaded by Life, a different YouTube star, on February 18, 2023, which further drew attention to the issue. Breckie Hill once again made headlines in March 2023 when she posted a new video that could be described as not safe for work (NSFW). According to reports from The SUN, the clash between the social media sensation and LSU gymnastics star Olivia Dunne intensified.

In the new video, Breckie adopted a daring and NSFW pose, with a voice in the background repeatedly asking, “Excuse me? Excuse me? Excuse me? Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry.” At the conclusion of the video, the 19-year-old poked her tongue out. The dispute between Breckie Hill and Olivia Dunne seems to have started because both women are blonde, athletic, and look alike. In addition, Hill hasn’t shied away from replicating some of Dunne’s most popular poses on Instagram, which only added fuel to the online feud.

Breckie Hill Net Worth

Breckie Hill has found substantial financial success in her professional online career. In addition to creating content, she also makes money from commercial partnerships and promotions, particularly in the fashion sector where she actively promotes a number of apparel labels. She now lives a nice and opulent lifestyle in Minnesota, close to her family and friends, thanks to her financial success.

Who Is Breckie Hill? Every Information You Want To Read About Breckie Hill | Fashionable Pro (4)

Although net worth estimations might be rather speculative, it is thought that Breckie is worth somewhere about $600,000. It’s clear that her online endeavors have brought her both fame and fortune.

Final Words

Breckie Hill is a rising star in the world of social media and modeling. She has developed a sizable fan base and achieved fame for her fascinating lip-sync videos and modeling work thanks to her active presence on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. She has worked with several influencers and businesses throughout her career, further confirming her position as a well-known content producer and entrepreneur.

Breckie’s personal life remains private, and she prefers to keep her relationship status discreet. Her career is still thriving despite some controversy in the past, and she has a bright future in the social media and entertainment industries.

Breckie Hill has become well-known online because of her physical allure and diverse range of abilities. She has been able to live a nice lifestyle thanks to her financial success, and although net worth estimates may be speculative, it is estimated that she is worth around $60,000.

Breckie Hill, a young and significant personality, is definitely someone to watch in the constantly changing social media and entertainment environment. Her experience is proof of the power of imagination and self-expression in the digital era.

Who Is Breckie Hill? Every Information You Want To Read About Breckie Hill | Fashionable Pro (2024)
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